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The fort was named after the garrison that had, in all probability, been stationed here since the reign of Hadrian himself. The garrison was that of the ‘ala Petriana’. It stands on a high platform above the Eden and is covered today by a church and Stanwix House.

Unfortunately very little is known about the fort and any of its internal buildings. However, excavations were carried out in 1939 and a tower was unearthed, possibly one of the corner towers, and also a granary and barracks.

One thing is known and that is the size of the fort and being some 700 feet east to west x 580 feet north to south this makes it the largest fort on the Wall and one of the most important.

A tombstone was among a few finds and was that of a cavalryman and was spotted in the wall of the parish church.

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Hadrianala Petriana ?
Marcus_Aureliusno evidence
Notitia_Dignitatumala Petriana †
1st_NoteThe rejection of Petriana as the name of the fort leaves open the question of the second century garrisons, though the apparent size of the fort would suggest it was built for milliary ala, and the ala Petriana is the only such unit known in Britain.