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The table below shows how finds are listed in the pottery catalogue at Arbeia. I have deliberately missed some columns from this table but the ones shown will at least give an idea to what the information represents. Other sites will record their finds in a similar fashion. Column headings and abbreviations are explained below the table. Our find is the first one listed.

SiteContextFabricVesselPartSheet NoWeight (kg)DiameterComments
SS0326836GW1Jarb.sh.30.02626hard grey fabric

SITE - contains the site code of the find : SS03 = South Shields 2003

CONTEXT - is the context number of the area of the site where the find was made

FABRIC - is the material the find is made of : BB1 = Black-burnished ware type 1, Sam = Samian ware, gw1 = Grey ware type 1

VESSEL - is the object the find would belong to when in its entirety

PART - is the piece of the incomplete object when found : Rim = the rim of the object, b.sh. = Body sherd

SHEET No - is the sheet number the item is recorded on

WEIGHT (kg) - is the total weight in kg of the objects of similar nature found in the same context area

DIAMETER - is the diameter of the object when measured to its entirety